Entrepreneurship: Determination and Grit
You don't have to be brilliant. Determination and grit will win over time. Check out this inspiring story of a determined entrepreneur.
Content Marketing: How To Use Slideshare
Slideshare is a potent weapon in content marketing. Here are several ways to use it to grow your business.
Conversion and Analytics: I'm Outta Here!
When your website visitors can't find what they want from your site, they bail. But why? Here are 15 tools and tactics to find out.
Will Facebook Ads Destroy Ad Agencies?
Uh, not a chance. Still, Business Insider tells the story of how Facebook ads are changing the online ad game.
Website Design: Designing Websites For Women
Women experience design differently than men. They respond more holistically, preferring more open and flowing elements with lighter colors. Notice these sites from Mindvalley: They plenty of white space, and the copy flows around the graphics down t...
Copywriting: The Steve Rocco Story
Copywriter Glenn Fisher tells the tale of Steve Rocco, skateboard entrepreneur and copywriter. He wrote ads for his own company, World Industries, in the 80s and early 90s. Fisher says, "...just look at those early Rocco ads and any copywriter who...
Entrepreneurship: You'll Never Succeed Without Me
That's what Barbara Corcoran was told when she split from her business partner. She used that as motivation to become a millionaire. In this speech she tells the whole story. You'll discover: - The Taiwanese Condo Queen and how she revolutioniz...
Public Speaking: The Magic of Audience Involvement
I've given thousands of speeches and watched many more. Few speakers get the audience involved like Marcus Sheridan. If you have to give presentations in your business, you'll learn a lot. You'll also get some good info if you find yourself doing ...
Consumer and B2B Sales Cycles
Remember to keep the buying cycle of your target market in mind as you sell your products and services. For general consumer patterns take a look at this statistic: "One study by the Advertising Research Foundation indicates that 35 percent of purcha...
B2B Marketing: Managing the Buying Cycle
In your population of prospects, under 15% will make a decision in the next 90 days. The large majority will not be ready to buy until 90 days from now or longer. As long as you've qualified them, when they say NO think "you only mean NO today." B...
Blogging: How Google Authorship Works
Ever see Google results with the picture of the blog author shown. Here is your complete guide to Google authorship so you can do it, too.
How To Write Better and Faster
If you struggle with writing books and other products, check out two books Tim Ferris recommended in an interview he had with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish from On Writing Well On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: The Clas...
Copywriting: The Ambulance Lead Generation Letter
Here's a good lead gen letter from copywriter Robert Stover. It pulled in accounts spending $500K. You can adapt this to your product or service easily. It helps if you have a dramatic success story. In this case, some people were so moved they ac...
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